Accursed Wealth (Ch.5)

An important collection exploring Clare's attitude to wealth and poverty in his own words.

"There is one thing which I do not like in these matters & that is the trumpeting my difficulties in the papers   & the fact is they are made much worse then they are -- I have had small sums of money at different times from Taylor   which may imperceptibly amount to a larger sum then one is aware of     but there is no settling in the matter & no disposition to settling    I am anxious it should be settled

I wrote to Taylor to correct the errors in the accounts   & he said they should be looked into   but as yet I have heard nothing     I wrote to Drury asking him how he could make such mistakes   to my injury   & also for the trifles in MS he possessed of mine -- of the copyright fiction he was silent   & made no reply    but as to the other lies   I was sure of it   which was the only part of the loss that injured me -- I could hardly bear patience enough to contradict such a barefaced lie -- & when I did   It was to no purpose & tho I know I am cheated   such is the cunning of avarice [that] like the tricks of a conjuror   it defies detection"  (John Clare)

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