Helpston's Fountains (Ch.2)

Helpston’s two springs, swept away by the Enclosures, brought to life.

In the centre of the modern field, to the south and west of Rice (Royce) Wood in Helpston was an ancient spring, with an old hollow oak growing close besides, this was Round Oak Spring.  Water still flows there of course, but now it is simply channelled into a drainage ditch, which can be observed from Heath Road.

Eastwell Spring was at the end of the lane, now known as ‘Golden Drop’ to the north and east of the centre of the village. 

Eastwell never ran dry and in a parched summer supplied the whole population.  Pilgrims to the place will now find the spring now runs unobserved, as it lies at the bottom of a brick built trap with only a steel inspection cover betraying its presence.

Both springs were of course, the victims of the Helpston Enclosures.  But one man, John Clare,  had not forgotten their glory.

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