To witness the process of how a book produced by The Fine Book Bindery is made, you can view a recent slideshow on their website.  Our first three books -- "The Lovers Meeting" - "The Poet in Love"  - "In the Shadows" -- have and will be made in exactly this fashion, but we have chosen not have edge guilding, case-making or vellum with our books (I wish!).  It's a wonder to behold to see such skilled craftsmen and women creating a work of art!

The first eight lines of 'The Lovers Meeting'

               [Clare's original manuscript from 1818]

                       Hot was the noon in summers sultry hour
                       The sun then raging with meridian power
                       When I more burning with the scorching heat
                       Of hot desire — lay hid in close retreat
                       Beneath the covert of a secret shade
                       Flush'd “with expectance of the lovley maid”
                       Sweet was the spot no one throughout the grove
                       Was better suited to the sports of Love

                  [Alongside these words, Clare has written in pencil 'Old']

Why are we 'ArbouR EditionS'?

[Anne's photo was taken in Holme Fen in late summer 2013]

To the wild wood shielded sweet
Where the branches branches meet
Verdant on the morning sceen
Oer the carpets spreading green
& the holly branches spread
Spreads an arbour oer my head
As the woodland paths divide
Sweet to put the boughs aside

(from "Just as mornings rosy lass")

Genesis (II)

          Pages being folded and stitched.... and our endpaper for "The Lovers Meeting".

The Genesis of a new book...

A few photos showing how our books are made.  Here is the cover under construction :